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1Firstly, submit a photo you love! Make sure it’s very clear. I would like to see all of the facial features very clearly. Photos taken with flash photography tend to lack depth and detail. If you are taking the photo yourself, turn the flash off and let the natural light play off of the subject’s face. If the photo is small or of a low resolution, I will not be able to see all of the necessary details and I can’t guarantee a great portrait.

2Send a photo by email or Whatsapp. Remember, the quality of the finished portrait is related to the quality of the photo submitted.


3 Contact me by email or Whatsapp to discuss details of your desired portrait so that I may give you a quote. Please browse my website and social media pages to see examples of my artwork and to become familiar with my style.

4 I require a 50% deposit in the form of cash or a cash deposit. Once payment is made and picture is approved, I will give you an estimated completion date. A typical portrait takes 1 – 4 weeks depending on complexity and workload. I will email or Whatsapp you with pictures of your drawing as it progresses if required.

5 Final payment for a portrait is due when the portrait is picked up, dropped off or posted. Drawings are sprayed with a fixative to prevent yellowing and smudging and are stored and shipped securely.


A4 Charcoal or pencil portrait R700 (R100 per extra subject)
A3 Charcoal or pencil portrait R1000 (R200 per extra subject)
A2 Charcoal or pencil portrait R1500 (R300 per extra subject)

Postnet to Postnet R109

All portraits are drawn on natural white acid free, medium weight, durable, medium surface paper. I do not include background details (unless requested) but focus on the subjects themselves bringing out as many details as possible.


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