"So here’s a guy who is so unassuming, humble and soft spoken but the opposite is to be said for his talent. Masterpiece works from ash, charcoal and pencil. You have to look so close to see the brilliance. At first glance they look like a printed photo!

On top of that, Craig has the massive ability to make me laugh out loud with his brilliant one line gags. Where has the guy been?

Have a closer look at Craig, if you’re  not a fan now, you soon will be."

- Barry Hilton (The Cousin)

"Craig Banks Art - personalized, mind altering and effortless drawings. I have asked Craig to draw a number of portraits for me that capture memories at its finest hour. It goes without saying, a picture is worth a 1000 words and his drawings are worth a 1000 more. His detailing is out of this world and his humble nature and communication whilst waiting on a portrait is second to none. He is the ONLY artist to use."

- Darryl Rheeder

"I have followed Craig's Art for years and am in awe of how his talent has grown. As close to perfection as you can imagine and when friends see his artwork in my home, they ask if it's computer generated!

His work is so beautiful one can feel the emotions radiating from the subjects."

- Jessica Al Andary, Innisfil Canada